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Product Directory

MPA Precast represents the UK precast concrete manufacturers and members of the supply chain. The main aims are to promote precast concrete in the construction market; to disseminate information, through a range of industry representation and by shared knowledge, and to add value to its member companies. With a growing membership of over 60 precast concrete manufacturer members, and more than 100 supply chain organisations, members' interests are continually developed through our team of dedicated professionals who have extensive connections with organisations in the United Kingdom and worldwide.

We have two types of members:

  • Full Members: Precast concrete product producers with at least one factory in the UK.
  • Associate Members: Companies and organisations involved in the industry supply chain.

MPA Precast members are eligible to join relevant committees which provide a forum to address issues for a product or range of products. We currently have four product specialist committees:

  • Precast Drainage
  • Precast Architectural and Structural
  • Precast Flooring
  • Interpave

We also associate with MPA Masonry who have a common interest in particular markets. MPA Masonry also have product specialist committess:

  • Aircrete Blocks
  • Concrete Blocks

For further information, visit their website.

To find out more about applying to become a member of MPA Precast, click Join Us.