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Sustainable Precast

What is Precast? 

Precast concrete products are a factory-made component prepared, cast and cured off site in a controlled factory environment of varying shapes and sizes. This includes concrete blocks, precast concrete elements for buildings and infrastructure, as well as whole building systems. 

The production of precast concrete elements takes place in a controlled factory environment. This means that tolerances, finishes and curing can be accurately controlled, which in turn gives a denser, stronger and better-quality concrete product. 

Precast concrete components are manufactured in advance of the onsite activities which reduces the build time. In addition, precast concrete can be supplied in a variety of colours, shapes and finishes to meet the most difficult design possibilities.  

Precast products are grouped into the below: 

  • Architectural cladding 
  • Cast stone and other decorative items 
  • Drainage - including pipes, culverts and manholes 
  • Flooring - including beam and block and hollowcore 
  • Masonry - including blocks and walling 
  • Paving, landscaping and street furniture 
  • Piles and foundations 
  • Railway-specific products 
  • Roof tiles 
  • Stadia 
  • Structural & Civils - including beams, columns, cross wall and sandwich panels.