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Codes of practice

MPA Precast is committed to achieving a high standard and universal approach to health and safety and our Codes of Practice (see below) represent just one of our initiatives in this area.

The MPA Precast Code of Practice for Safe Installation is intended as a guide to the safe manufacture and installation of precast flooring. A spokesperson for the Health and Safety Executive comments "The Code of Practice will assist clients, designers, specifiers, supervisors, installers and managers in selecting the most appropriate methods for reducing risks to persons carrying out these high risk activities."

Code of Practice: Safe Stressing of Prestressed Concrete Products

Published: 2023

Stressing of prestressed concrete is acknowledged to be a potentially high-risk activity, as it involves the use of industrial prestressing equipment that uses hydraulic rams to stretch high yield wires and strands with forces that can be in excess of 1500 tonnes. The Code of Practice for Safe Stressing has been produced for the following purposes:

  1. Safety awareness within the industry.
  2. Planning the production process and equipment required.
  3. Training of all personnel involved with stressing operations.
  4. Preparation of safe working method statements.

Code of Practice: The Safe Installation of Architectural and Structural Precast Concrete

Published: 2020

This Code gives a guide to the current good practice for the installation of a majority of types of architectural and structural precast concrete (cladding, wall panels, beams, stairs etc). The code is useful for installers, designers and contractors. Only up-to-date at the time of its publication.


Code of Practice: The Safe Installation of Precast Concrete Flooring and Associated Components

Published: 2017

Installation of precast flooring components is acknowledged to be a potentially high-risk activity, as it involves the use of heavy plant, cranes and personnel working at height. The MPA Precast Flooring Code of Practice for Safe Installation brings together best practice within the industry and has the interest of those involved in the design, specification, use and erection of precast flooring products at heart.