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Car parks

Benefits of precast concrete car parks

  • Full range of depths from 75mm up to 450mm for different situations and spans.
  • Can be used in all usual bay configurations e.g. 4.8m, 7.2m and for full clear spans up to 16m for column free layout providing improved circulation, ease of parking and enhanced vision for greater security.
  • Clean flat soffit line can be left exposed for maintenance free benefit or can accept direct decoration.
  • Flat soffit also simplifies service runs eliminating downstands.
  • Provides excellent light distribution across the deck area with no shadowing effect.
  • Can be used in all types of frame construction, steel, precast or in-situ.
  • Four hour fire protection available for basement level parking without the need for extra applied finishes.
  • Fast to install and offers an immediate working platform for follow-on trades.
  • Expensive formwork and propping eliminated.
  • Units can be used compositely with a structural concrete topping for enhanced performance and improved span/depth ratio.

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