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Precast concrete drainage and sewerage systems have been the preferred material of choice for over a century. Concrete pipeline systems can offer a wide range of competitive advantages. These include: 

  • Installed cost savings. 
  • Faster construction 
  • Longer service life. 
  • Lower whole life costs. 
  • Reduced environmental impact and a circular economy advantage. 

Concrete pipeline systems also offer a wide range of benefits and advantages for SuDS systems. With a service life exceeding 100 years, precast drainage products can offer SuDS solutions which can last throughout the lifetime of developments, minimising whole life costs and carbon. 

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Integrity, durability and resistance to damage are main requirements for any drainage system. Concrete drainage systems offer the most inherently strong option. For example, if using flexible pipe alternatives, the structure of the system will need to be built around the pipeline. The robustness of a precast pipe makes it less susceptible to the effects of poor bedding and installation. This is one of the main reasons why a concrete pipe and manhole can serve for well over 100 years.

However, developers are not only looking for inherent strength, they will also be looking for other advantages that can be associated with this strength. With concrete drainage this could mean a number of things: the product can be at lower risk of damage caused by jetting (with 5,000 psi jetting resistance) or rodent attack. Concrete drainage can also withstand impact damage caused by solid objects being carried through the system during floods and normal operation.  

Other advantages include resistance to degradation from heat or normal UV light. With advances in mix design, precast drainage components manufactured today have resistance to attack form aggressive chemicals in the ground. This was proven at a recent “Partners in Innovation” research project conducted by BRE where concrete drainage systems proved to be resistant to sulphates in the vast majority of soils in the UK.

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