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Paving products

Concrete block permeable paving

An increasing concern for homes and businesses is the risk of local flooding. This can be reduced by the installation of an effective sustainable drainage system (SUDS).

Virtually indistinguishable from its non-permeable equivalent, the use of permeable concrete block paving reduces the amount of run-off surface water by allowing it to drain through the base into the sub-base.

Concrete block paving

Concrete block paving can be used anywhere. They look great on drives and will provide many years of service. They are a viable alternative to the more traditional asphalt or macadam surfacing for estate roads. They can also be used in areas of exceptional loads, such as airport taxi-ways, docks and freight yards.

Flag paving

Precast pavers are intended to replicate the durability and beauty of natural stone pavers. Precast pavers are a very popular solution with many architects and landscape designers utilising them for outdoor flooring due to their design flexibility and wide variety of coloration, shapes and laying patterns.

Precast flag paving is not only functional, but it can also be decorative. They are available in varying shapes, sizes and virtually any colour. There are also a range of finishes such as; acid-etched, sandblasted, exposed-aggregate, textures and smooth.

Tactile paving/accessibility

The use of tactile paving surfaces is important because these surfaces convey vital information to vision impaired and other people about their environment, including hazard warning and directional guidance, thereby supporting independent mobility. When moving around the public realm, vision impaired people will actively seek, and make use of, tactile information underfoot and detectable contrasts in surface texture.

Kerbing and edging products

Kerbs, channels and edgings are used to restrain the edges of roads and footways.They mark the changes between road and footway, providing a visual warning to pedestrians and drivers.

Precast concrete kerbs are produced in a wide range of sizes and radii with coloured, textured and profiled surfaces.

Combined kerb/linear drainage products

Combined kerb and drainage offer a cost-effective approach to water management.

Combined drainage kerbing is used on highways, streets, carriageways, roundabouts and car parks for the dual purposes of alignment and removing rainwater off the road. Inlet holes in the one- or two-part kerbs allow surface water to run off quickly into appropriate drainage systems.