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12 May 2023

New Precast & Masonry Sectors’ Sustainability Report reveals significant progress toward decarbonisation

MPA Precast’s and MPA Masonry’s latest Sustainability Report reveal widescale efforts across both sectors to reduce fossil fuel use in factory operations and a significant rise in the use of low carbon cementitious materials to replace Ordinary Portland Cement use in concrete.

MPA Precast and MPA Masonry, the precast concrete and concrete block divisions of the Mineral Products Association, have published their sector annual sustainability performance report for 2022. The report, based on 2021 manufacturers’ performance data, reveals extensive efforts across the sector to address carbon and other environmental and sustainability aspects:

  • Precast and masonry factory carbon emissions stayed low in 2021 at around 10 kg CO2/t, down by 50% since 2010.
  • The share of renewable energy consumption in precast and masonry product factories continues to rise, with almost half of grid electricity used in precast factories in the UK coming from green renewable sources.
  • The data collected and audits organised also showed a significant in low carbon product mix solutions. Low carbon supplementary cementitious materials have replaced Ordinary Portland Cement (CEM I) by almost a quarter (24%) across the sector.
  • The share of low carbon reinforcement rebar, mesh and strand sourced from local UK mills has risen to 63%, making almost two thirds of all reinforcement used by precast factories in the UK.
  • Factory waste generated and waste-to-landfill have dropped by 14% and 60% (respectively) compared to 2012 levels.

The data collection process was supported by factory audits covering most members in 2021. These audits do not only help member companies keep pace with sustainability issues and themes, but also help MPA improve the quality of data it collects and identify trends and emerging challenges for the sector.

The 2021 Precast & Masonry Sustainability Report is now available at MPA Precast and MPA Masonry websites (here).