Precast Concrete Resource Efficiency Action Plan

The Precast Resource Efficiency Action Plan (REAP) was developed as part of a WRAP sponsored project where three plans were developed covering clay bricks/ blocks, ready mixed and precast concrete. Download the Precast sector REAP report. The REAP first Performance Report has also been published and can be downloaded here.

The project identified 18 different actions needed to improve resource efficiency across the precast concrete industry supply chain. These will be reviewed and updated after the publication of the initiative’s first progress report.

REAP and the Circular Economy

One of the aspects the current REAP plan may address is the implementation of the principles of Circular Economy on the construction industry. The following infographic (from the European cement association CEMBUREAU) demonstrates some of the circularity principles within the lifecycle of concrete products.

Precast Concrete Resource Efficiency Action Plan - Circular Economy