Concrete Block Association (CBA) - 1m² Of Concrete Blocks

The declared product is a generic 1m² of concrete blocks. Concrete blocks are used in a variety of applications including both interior and exterior load bearing and non-load bearing walls.

The concrete blocks studied in this EPD range in density from 750 - 2100 kg/m³ with the value used in carbonation calculations set a 1425 kg/m³. Concrete blocks are manufactured to a range of dimensions, 440 x 215 x 100 mm taken as the dimensions for this EPD.

This is an association declaration which uses average data from member companies of the Concrete Block Association. It is based on data covering a period of 12 months (From January to December 2014). All data was collected from UK factories.

The type of EPD is Cradle to Gate with all options declared – This equates to a cradle to grave EPD without the inclusion of module D. The modules considered in the Life Cycle Assessment are modules A1-C4 inclusive.


Interrogation of the LCA results show that the cradle to grave GWP impact of a 1m2 of concrete blocks is 10.6 kgCO2e (Modules A1-C4).

For GWP, A1-A3 accounts for 123% of the lifecycle impact with carbonation in the use phase and post-demolition, reducing the overall impact of the blocks. Carbonation in the use phase alone reduces the GWP impact by 38%. Further analysis of the GWP figures show that the largest contributors to this value are cement (59%), transport (14%) and the aggregates used in production (15%).

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