ICE (Embodied Carbon) Database

2 Jan 2020

A new revised version of the Inventory for Carbon & Energy, the most popular database used by architects, contractors and asset owners, has been published.

The new version can be downloaded from here. British Precast worked closely with researchers from Circular Ecology to ensure that the correct carbon footprint values are used for precast concrete products.  The values reported in the new version are very similar to the ones we report in our generic Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

British Precast was able to use the aggregated data collected from the Sustainability Charter scheme to convince researchers that reinforcing steel used in precast concrete products can also be made of recycled steel. This has been a contentious issue as many contractors and consultants now prefer to use significantly high carbon footprints for steel reinforcement (based on high virgin steel content) leading to significant increases (10-20%) in their estimates of carbon footprints of reinforced precast products.