Best Practice Awards 2020: Best Practice Award Head Judge Jacqui Glass Answers "What Makes A Winner"

10 Jan 2020

Head judge Professor Jacqueline Glass, Professor in Construction Management at University College London, outlines her hopes for the British Precast Best Practice Awards 2020:

BP Awards Head Judge Jacqui Glass



“It’s time for all British Precast members to be even more competitive and innovative [...] Last year we were impressed with the wide range of entries we received. However, we would really like to see more data and testimony outlining why precast is the number one choice. Our judging team is looking forward to reading all about the inspiring projects and influential techniques that have brought the benefits of precast concrete to life and ultimately shaped our built environment in 2019.”



To help you hit Jacqui’s brief we have our four top tips for making you a winner in 2020!

  1. Take time to read the criteria carefully - check the criteria for each award, they often are different for each category. Take a bit of time to read it and revert back to it when checking the entry to make sure that you have understood the entry process and have covered what the judges will be looking for.
  2. A photo says a thousand words - people are visual creatures and the judges are no different. Why only tell them when you can show them! Photos are also vital when it comes to marketing and publicity. Get those high-quality images in there!
  3. Get off to a good start - write an exciting intro and make your best points first. Burying what makes your project or initiative stand out from the crowd on page 9 won’t make as large an impression on the judges.
  4. Back it up - back up your assertions with evidence and detail. It is hard for the judges to credit the success of a project or initiative if they are unable to see the evidence to back it up. For example, stating that the use of precast concrete reduced the build time of a project should be quantified and compared to sourced information on average build times for projects of that size and type. Only the judges see the entire entry submission and they are themselves under a confidentiality agreement. You can include sensitive information in your entry and advise us not to mention it while we introduce it as being shortlisted or a winner.

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