Annual Dinner and Best Practice Awards 2019: In Review

1 Jul 2019

On June 27th we held our Annual Dinner and Best Practice Awards at the Marriott Hotel, Leicester. Alan Smith, British Precast's President, opened the evening with a welcoming speech. Throughout the night, our members were kept amused by our Toastmaster Norman Brown, and two accomplished magicians.

Our Best Practice Awards were presented to the 2019 winners:

2019 Health and Safety Award | <250 employees - Beresford's Flooring for Brilliant Ideas, The Safety Net Rescue System

Following a tragic occurrence on a construction site, Brilliant Ideas recognised a very serious deficiency in site safety plans relating to the retrieval of an unwell or injured person from a safety net who is unable to extricate themselves. They developed a lightweight airbag, which inflates underneath where the person is lying in the net, to a recovery height of two and a half metres in less than two minutes - providing a stable platform for the person’s rescue.

2019 Health and Safety Award | >250 employees - Creagh Concrete, Safe Erection of Precast Panels

The development of a mobile on-site pitching table by Creagh Concrete Products to rotate large precast concrete panel units from the horizontal, as delivered, to vertical for erection, has resulted in a significant reduction in labour and plant operations and corresponding Health and Safety risks. One person using a hand controller outside of the exclusion zone operates the pitching tables hydraulic power pack, thus completing the process at a safe distance, whilst having full sight of the operation, and in communication with the crane operator at all times.

2019 Innovation Award Winner - Stanton Bonna Concrete, M6 Smart Motorway Construction

Smart Motorway Construction requirements led Stanton Bonna to produce an offsite manufactured precast solution to replace the need to cast drainage channels with insitu concrete on-site. The internal trapezoidal shape creates excellent flow characteristics and a three-person gang can install in excess of 150 linear metres per day, during most weather conditions, thus reducing operative risk, increasing productivity, and ensuring programme certainty, in a live highway environment.

2019 Digital Transformation Award Winner - Stanton Bonna Concrete, Automated Cutting Robot

To overcome the long lead in times to supply formers for its innovative manhole base, Stanton Bonna invested in a digital technology solution, that has facilitated a transformation in design, speed, and manufacturing quality processes, to meet individual customer needs. Upon receiving customer details about the required manhole base, the software creates automated instructions for the Poly Cutting Robot, ensuring the base channel design and pipe entry positions are honed to the precise poly former profile, in about 45 minutes - this compares to the 5 to 7 days required by external suppliers.

2019 Project Award Winner - Decomo UK, BBC Wales Headquarters

BBC Wales Headquarters brings together a wide variety of studio, administration and support spaces in a single building. Architectural precast concrete was chosen for the Wood and Marland Street elevations, not only to replicate and blend with the permanence and timelessness of Cardiff’s historic Portland stone buildings, but to allow flexibility with complex curved panel geometry, wave patterns and ribbed profiles. Decomo manufactured the curved precast units, which are up to 7.3 meters by 3.8 metres in area, on tilting beds to ensure a consistent high-quality finish across each unit was achieved.

Thanks to our award sponsors: CHRYSO, Trimble Solutions and UK CARES

Thanks to our event sponsor: CEMEX UK