"Welcome to the Dundee V&A"

14 Sep 2018


Scotland's new iconic design museum is opening its doors this weekend to the public. This extraordinary building has received worldwide recognition, and is a testament to modern methods of construction, utilising first class technologies to achieve its design outcome.

The construction of the £80.11m project, which took three and a half years to complete, incorporated new engineering techniques, which helped to overcome the technical challenges of this project.

The design of the facade drew inspiration from the Scottish cliffs, and the silhouette imitates a ship in dock. New 3D modelling tools were developed, creating the unique shape and facade of the building.  There are plans for these new technologies to be incorporated into plans for the Tokyo 2020 olympics.

Techrete supplied the precast concrete facade for this project. Its innovation in mould design ensured the architects intent could be achieved rather than being ruled out based on cost. Whilst the precast facade planks look uniform from afar, the rear of the planks differ in size and orientation.

Techrete were the winners of our 2018 Project Award for the Dundee V&A. Read more.

Further detail about the V&A Dundee can be found in the latest issue of Concrete Quarterly.