Creativity In Concrete Award Winners 2016: Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

18 Nov 2016

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM), a London-based architecture practice, is committed to making satisfying buildings that are beautiful and enjoyable to use. With an international portfolio, the company is recognised for its impressive work and strategic take on architectural design.

Taking a design-focused and analytical approach towards architectural projects, AHMM has worked on a number of award-winning concrete developments, on a range of differing scales. Projects include: Walsall Bus Station (2000) with an elliptical in-situ concrete canopy; Yellow Building (2008) in Notting Hill, which featured raking exposed concrete elements; innovative offices at Tooley Street (2008); the Angel Building (2010) with its stunning entrance of light and exposed concrete; and education projects Dagenham Park School (2012) and the RIBA Stirling Prize-winning Burntwood School (2014).

The most recent of this impressive list, Burntwood School, aimed to create a contemporary and integrated campus with wide-ranging academic and community facilities. Redevelopment work at the school was completed in 2014 and involved the build of six new campus blocks and the refurbishment of two existing buildings.

AHMM’s earlier work at Dagenham Park School similarly embraced precast concrete. The development involved the replacement of a number of older buildings with a new performing arts teaching building. The fa├žades of the new building include precast concrete columns, walls and soffit panels. Off-site construction ensured the existing school could continue to remain open throughout the development.

British Precast is delighted to present AHMM with the 2016 Creativity in Concrete Award, in recognition of its inspiring and innovative architectural concrete design work.


Burntwood-School (2014).jpg

Angel-Building (2010).jpg

Dagenham-Park-School (2012).jpg

The-Yellow-Building (2008).jpg