Production Sustainability Award

Sustainability and the need to move to a low carbon economy will be the number one issue of the decade to come. All sections of the construction industry will be called upon to contribute to ‘Net Zero’ targets, improve air quality and safeguard biodiversity. The Production Sustainability Award celebrates the excellent


Previous Sustainability Award Winning Entries

Production Sustainability

The broad scope of sustainability covers environmental, social and economic issues. Entries could explore issues such as:

  • Recycling
  • Minimisation of waste and ancillary materials (e.g. packaging)
  • Low energy manufacturing solutions (e.g. curing, compressed air management)
  • Use of secondary or recyclable materials
  • Vehicle efficiency and reduced transport emissions
  • Water use reduction
  • Responsible sourcing and ethical labour initiatives
  • Employee training and social support initiatives
  • Solutions initiatives leading to lower embodied operational carbon footprint
  • Contribution to sustainable construction projects
  • Biodiversity and conservation
  • Environmental product declarations
  • Community liaison
  • Support of local organisations
  • Working with educational establishments
  • Circular economy solutions (e.g. design for disassembly, etc.)
  • Sustainable procurement or supply chain initiative

Many of the above subjects are focused on environmental impact. However, in order to encourage thinking regarding sustainability, all entries must cover social, economic and environmental benefits although it is recognised that in many cases there will be focus on only one or two aspects of sustainability.

The judges will apply the following criteria:

  • Benefits: What are the benefits of the project to the company, client, end-user, community and/or the environment?
  • Innovation: This concerns the originality of the project in terms of subject and/or approach.
  • Wider applicability: Points will be gained if the idea is transferrable to other sites or member companies.
  • Employee participation: Employee participation in the project will gain further credit.

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Previous Sustainability Award Winners

Outstanding Contribution to Sustainability - 2019 Award Winner

This award is presented to individuals or teams and recognises leadership, special efforts, or significant contributions to improvements in sustainability in the business or along the supply chain.

  • Norman Richards, NR Associates

2018 Award Winner

Aggregate Industries, Bug Hotels

The Burton CBP factory has bunds where wild flowers were recently planted. In order to improve the ecosystem within these areas and improve flower pollination, and following advice from a biodiversity expert, the factory team built 12 bug hotels during spare time which were used as a refuge by a range of insects for nesting and winter hibernation. The structures were built using old packaging, used pallets and discarded blocks. Members are monitoring the different species using the structures: in addition to different types of insects, birds (e.g. buzzards) were also detected on or around the structures.

The 2018 shortlisted entries for this award were as follows:

  • Aggregate Industries, Aggregate Reclaimer Reducing Wetcast Waste
  • Aggregate Industries, Bug Hotels
  • Aggregate Industries, Modern Slavery Awareness and Transportation
  • Forterra, Batching Software Upgrade to Reduce Waste

The 2018 Sustainability Award was sponsored by GCP Applied Technologies

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2017 Award Winner 

Forterra Building Products, Whittlesey Plant Continual Energy Improvement

Forterra’s Whittlesey factory has been introducing measures to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption over a number of years. In 2016 the management team increased production by 12% while improving energy efficiency through a number of measures such as investing in new pallets, improved preventative maintenance programmes, loading shovel replacement, new burners, improved curing control systems and increased insulation. This series of relatively small improvements have led to a saving in 2016 of 9% compared in energy consumption to 2015 and almost 18% when compared to 2014 when the project started.

The 2017 shortlisted entries for this award were as follows:

  • Cemex UK, Waste Minimisation at Washwood Heath Rail Solutions
  • Creagh Concrete, Brackagh Quarrywind Farm
  • Forterra Building Products, Whittlesey Plant Continual Energy Improvement
  • Forterra Building Products, Whittlesey Plant Continual Energy Improvement
  • Forticrete, Leighton Buzzard Stockyard Development
  • Robeslee Concrete - Hydraulic Filter Press

The 2017 Sustainability Award was sponsored by GCP Applied Technologies

For further information on the above projects download our 2017 Annual Review

2016 Award Winner

Techrete, Green Electricity Generation

Techrete was one of the first precast companies in the UK to be certified to ISO 50001 on Energy Management Systems. Following a feasibility study conducted in 2015, Techrete took the decision to invest in a 250kWh solar photovoltaic system for its factory in Brigg, North Lincs. The system was installed at the roof of the main production hall and is expected to supply 25.6% of Techrete’s current factory electricity demand with significant carbon savings reaching up to 125 tonnes CO2 per annum and payback within 4.62 years.

The 2016 shortlisted entries for this award were as follows:

  • Formpave, Aquaflow Thermapave
  • Forterra Building Products, Family Open Day
  • Forterra Building Products, Whittlesey Block Dryer Upgrade
  • Marshalls, Electronic Energy Action Plan Integration
  • Techrete, Green Electricity Generation

The 2016 Sustainability Award was sponsored by GCP Applied Technologies

For further information on the above projects download our 2016 Annual Review

2015 Award Winner 

H+H for Energy Management, System and Reduction

H+H developed a formal energy management system, becoming one of the fi rst to be certifi ed to EN 16001, following certifi cation to ISO 50001. H+H developed a range of policies and procedures to manage energy consumption and developed Environment & Energy Improvement Teams at each site to drive change. H+H supported the teams with £1.1M capital investment on energy reduction related projects, leading to 20% reduction in energy usage per m3 of product in 2014 from 2009 levels.

Highly Commended: Brett Landscaping and Building Products, Improved Curing Helping to Reduce Protection Waste
Highly Commended: Marshalls Mono, Compressed Air Energy Reduction

The 2015 shortlisted entries for this award were as follows:

  • Hanson Building Products, Rail Freighting Of PFA
  • H+H for Energy Management, System and Reduction
  • Longley Concrete, Increased Harvesting and Better Use Of Rainwater
  • Marshalls Mono, Compressed Air

The 2015 Sustainability Award was sponsored by GCP Applied Technologies

For further information on the above projects download our 2015 Annual Review

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