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Health and Safety Charter

All members of British Precast are committed to reducing harm and have signed the Health & Safety Charter. British Precast collects quarterly incident statistics from all members which have demonstrated a reduction in incidents and helps to shape our strategy for aspects which need to be addressed. British Precast members have reached a 75% reduction in lost time incidents over the last 15 years. We are aiming to reach a new target of Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate of 4.0 by 2018. Root cause analysis helps members to identify and take actions at factory level.

All members of British Precast are signatories of our Health and Safety Charter. Members pledge to reduce accidents, both in terms of number and severity, to improve the overall health and safety of all those involved in our industry and to work towards the long-term aim of causing zero harm.

  • An expectation of ‘ZERO HARM’ to all.
  • 65% reduction in LTIFR for direct employees by 2018 (Baseline 2013).
  • 65% reduction in LTI for contractors by 2018 (Baseline 2013).
  • Continuous improvement in accident severity ratio.
  • Development, implementation or maintenance of a strategy for Health and Safety initiatives and related training, and to manage our Health and Safety needs with competent staff appropriate to the needs of the organisation.
  • Implementation of maintenance of structured, inclusive Health and Safety meetings, with effective and appropriate consultation in line with our organisational needs.
  • Submission of quarterly statistics to British Precast.

Sustainability Charter

The aim of the Precast Sector Sustainability Charter is to encourage member companies of British Precast to go beyond legislation and take voluntary actions to make their products and operations more sustainable. In order to meet this aim, a set of sustainability principles has been developed based on the key sustainability issues facing the precast industry; these issues are shown in the diagram below, and were identified by British Precast following consultation with the industry and examination of the priorities and concerns of its primary stakeholders.


Sector Sustainability Strategy


The British Precast Charter Scheme currently requires all full members of British Precast to sign a charter committing them to the 16 principles and allowing British Precast to audit member companies’ sites annually to ensure that all the 16 principles are being adhered to by member companies.

The scheme was first launched in 2007 with only 17 companies taking part. The number of companies participating continued to grow until 2014 when the Charter and Auditing programme became a mandatory requirement of British Precast membership as part of British Precast’s Raising the Bar initiative. Today, it is a mandatory British Precast membership requirement to report on the company’s Sustainability Charter performance and be audited annually under the scheme.


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